Traffic engineering: improving accessibility


Our cities keep on evolving : new eco-districts, new hospitals, new malls, new residential areas etc. are part of economic development. All these generate new needs, new movements of people and goods, often in already constrained urban environments.

Public and private developers have to anticipate future demand. To respond to their needs in a complete manner, our expertise covers the definition, evaluation, comparison, optimization of travel plans, considering all modes of transport.

We work with our clients from planning stage to implementation, and bring our expertise on travel demand, traffic flows and parking.

Our approach

Recurring congestion requires an approach that considers all modes of transport: we bring expertise in all modes and aspects of transport including parking and safety. We ensure consistency with local planning policies and strategies.

We frequently use modelling and microsimulation techniques to demonstrate and justify our solutions and facilitate discussions with the various stakeholders.

Why choose EXPLAIN ?

Because our consultants are used to work in multidisciplinary teams able to tackle complex issues: architects, urban planners, highway design, environment, traffic etc.

Because our experience with public stakeholders is useful when presenting and justifying a project in front of decision makers.

Because through our work, we seek to contribute to improving travel and wellbeing in our neighbourhood and cities.