Planning: produce a transport strategy and an action plan

An action plan to facilitate future travel demand

Transportation plans (city wide or region wide) are used to plan and optimise returns on public investments. Such plans have become mandatory in many places and are necessary to prepare for future travel demand needs in a sustainable way.

The expectations

Transport solutions today are systemically multi-modal: one must not be blinkered or predisposed to one mode, but identify solutions which meet the end-to-end journey needs. Solutions need to be evaluated using social, economic and environmental criteria.

Public decisions around transportation not only need to consider complex technical issues and options but they also need to be consistent with other public policies such as land use policies. To ensure the completeness of the solution and support for it, considering and consulting a wide range of stakeholders (other public authorities, businesses, transport operators, users) needs to be at the heart of the approach.

Finally, scarcity of public resources are a key constraint to consider: solution need to be affordable and action plans need to be detailed enough to be implementable quickly.

Our Approach

At EXPLAIN we offer a pragmatic approach:

  • Objective and rigorous analysis of travel demand and land use data so as to understand travel needs. This analysis must be the basis of selecting the most suitable mode without bias from pre-conceived ideas or a priori logic.
  • Proposing suitable and affordable solutions: we test them systematically against benchmarks which allows us to identify the ones which have proved their worth in similar situations.
  • Be proactive: our solutions consider innovations in a context where travel behaviours and information technologies are evolving rapidly.
  • Demonstrate the relevance of the proposed solutions through our use of modelling, appraisal, and multicriteria analysis techniques to come up with a credible and justified plan.

Why choose EXPLAIN ?

Because our solutions are tailored to local needs and context, because we consider all modes and the complexity of end to end journeys.

Because public authorities need to manage scarce resources and deliver affordable and sustainable solutions, we use rigorous analysis techniques to demonstrate objectively the efficiency of the proposed plan and we express our conclusions with conviction and clarity.