Traffic and Granular Flow conference (3-5 July 2019)

Explain consultancy aims to provide high-quality analysis and to be at the cutting edge of innovation. To this end, we keep tight contacts with the acadamic world. In particular, Explain will take part in the upcoming Traffic and Granular Flow, to be held at the University of Navarra, in Spain, from July, 3rd to 5th ; this major congress will gather leading scientists in the field of vehicular traffic, pedestrian and granular flows. Explain will deliver a talk in plenary session about salient features of dense pedestrian flows and the limitations of the models that are at the core of usual simulation software. Indeed, these models generally rest on force models, according to which pedestrians behave as self-propelled grains subjected to specific interactions with other pedestrians and the facility.

Such in-depth insight into the dynamic models implemented in simulation software and their range of validity is particularly useful to shed light on the complex problems of microscopic simulation that we deal with, whether it be the dimensioning of public facilities (stations, stadiums, etc.), the assessment of their safety in the event of an emergency or, more generally, any case of dynamic modelling.