EXPLAIN addresses the topic of the resilience of critical infrastructures

An innovation-driven consultancy eager to stay in contact with the latest developments in research, EXPLAIN will participate in the upcoming colloquium on « Crisis resilience and organisational reliability » on November 14th, 2018. The colloquium aims to bring together top public officials, actors on the ground and high-level academic researchers, with the prospect of fostering discussions and exchanges on major issues related to civil security. It is organised by the French Institute for Civil Security (Institut français de la sécurité civile, IFRASEC), the Engineers’ school CentraleSupélec, with support from the Department of Civil Security and Crisis Management (Direction générale de la sécurité civile et de la gestion des crises, DGSCGC) of the French Home Secretary, University Paris Saclay and la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme of University Paris Saclay.

EXPLAIN will address the topic of the resilience of critical infrastructures, in light of its expertise on pedestrian flows and building evacuations. This expertise, owned  by solving complex modelling problems, may be used in prospective studies aimong at the dimensioning, and the assessment of the safety in the event of an evacuation, of crowded facilities such as railway stations, stadiums and public buildings, with an approach that goes beyond the current state of the art.